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From reliable advice to capable civil and criminal tax litigation

Taxation may be one of life’s certainties, but how much to pay, how to limit your tax exposure and what to do if the IRS challenges your filings are confusing questions that cause anxiety and stress. If you’re nervous about your tax situation, the Law Offices of William A. Brandwein can help. With more than 40 years of state and federal tax experience, we can provide the reliable counsel you need.

  • Knowledgeable. The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has certified attorney William A. Brandwein as a Specialist in Taxation Law. Mr. Brandwein is also a certified public accountant. In more than 40 years of practice, Mr. Brandwein has managed tax cases at every level of adjudication short of the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Cordial. For some people, just thinking about tax problems causes high anxiety. Mr. Brandwein can put nervous and fearful clients at ease, instilling a quiet confidence that their case can be resolved. He also works amicably with tax agency personnel to obtain the most favorable resolution available for your circumstances.
  • Effective. Very few tax attorneys go into tax court, know the rules and procedures and can discern how to get your best outcome once tax litigation begins. The high-level view of the government’s tax apparatus informs our practice in our many other areas of service.

Multifaceted civil and criminal tax practice in Monterey, California

Our law office represents clients in three major areas of civil litigation related to tax transactions:

  • Transaction planning. We help ensure that you limit your tax liability for major transactions, such as the buying and selling of property or businesses. We also help you preserve your wealth by setting up a trust or an estate.
  • Post-transaction legal advice. We help clients who have taken a particular tax posture after completing a transaction to defend their actions demonstrating its propriety under the federal and state tax codes.
  • Legal representation during tax collections. The IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board have the power to collect amounts they believe taxpayers owe. We represent individuals and corporations that owe taxes, penalties and/or fines and either cannot pay them or dispute the amount owed. The majority of our work is in tax controversy and IRS disputes.
  • Legal representation for criminal tax investigations. We represent clients in tax disputes where criminal charges have been threatened or filed, as in cases of income tax evasion and tax fraud.

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The Law Offices of William A. Brandwein represents clients in civil tax litigation, criminal tax litigation and tax transactional planning. For personalized service in any of these areas, call our Monterey office at 831-372-3266 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.


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